Do you like this website?  Would you like to buy it? Maybe change the domain and add few items and build it out yourself? If so, let’s talk!

The existing site is for sale at $5000. There are alot of things that can be done on this site.

For $2500 extra, we can put a custom design tool similar to

I have three drop shipper api and plugins and can add more. All the shirts, hats, mugs, etc are dropshipped and is really easy to modify. If you want more elements, just let me know and I will price it out for you.

The hosting is a scaled hosting provider and will flucuate based upon your demand. I have it set really low and upon sale of site, the hosting will be around $35-$1,000 a month. We have staging environments as well with a multitude of employee logins and management permissions.

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